Here’s a photo of our FAB1215 Power Supply Module, outfitted with our DC-1248 (+48V converter module).

I finally got the chance to test the 48V power supply by hooking up our FAB2010 XLR Input Module, FAB2110 Input Transformer Module, and FAB3010 XLR Output Module, using them as a pass-through before going into an API 512C preamp.   But instead of turning on Phantom Power on the API preamp, I used the 48V source on our FAB module.

Happy to say, it worked beautifully and quiet too. No noise problems.  The 48V soft-start of the FAB2010 XLR Input Module is also a nice touch as this allows you to turn on Phantom Power without any popping sound.  The 48volts is applied slowly, ramp-up style to your expensive mics.


FAB1215-DC1248-Rear FAB1215-DC1248-Side