FAB2000 Input Modules

All FABModules related to the Input Section. These will include XLR Female jacks, TRS jacks, Input Transformers, Balanced Line Receivers, Mic Input Modules, Returns, DI (High-Z) inputs, etc.

XLR Input + Input Transformer Module Combo

Here’s a photo of how the FAB2010 XLR Input Module and FAB2110 Input Transformer Module connect to each other.

I added a 2-pin header on the FAB2010 XLR Input Module. Later, I’ll show you how to connect those pins to your switches to control -20dB Pad and switching of Phantom Power.  I’ll also show you how to connect these pins to a Microprocessor, like an Arduino (AVR) and show it’s logic level capabilities.

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FAB2110 Input Transformer Module – Prototype with parts

Populated our FAB2110 Input Transformer Module with parts.  Here are some photos showing a Jensen JT-11K8-APC Input Transformer mounted on it.

The board looks good, but I’d probably add another mounting hole on the lower right corner, just because the board is a little unstable with a heavy transformer mounted on it.

I’ll build another prototype using a different Input Transformer, like an Altran or EA brand.

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FAB2010 Prototype – populated with parts

Populated the FAB2010 boards tonight. I put too much solder paste on my resistors so I need to be careful doing that. It’s a little hard because I’m just using a plunger to dispense the paste. I need to get one of those solder paste pump dispenser. I’ve seen them on eBay for around $150 or so.

Anyway, here are some pictures.

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FAB2110 Prototype PCB

Received our FAB2110 Input Transformer Module. Looks good.  No corrections needed, it’s just a very simple PCB. You can use a Jensen, Cinemag, Altran, EA Input Transformer for this PCB.

So let’s say you have a few of these FAB 2110 boards, you can solder a different kind of Input Transformer on each FAB board, and you’ll be able to swap them in and out in your circuit, and compare the sound flavors of each other.

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Don’t always trust your Eagle Libraries 100%…. well, trust but verify!

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I’m working on my FAB2010 XLR Input Module and getting ready to populate it. So far, I’ve noticed already a problem with the XLR jack…. it’s off by a few millimeters positioned on the board.

That’s the problem… I trusted the Eagle library for the XLR jack to be 100% correct. It’s not.

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