FAB3000 Output Modules

All modules related to the Output Section. These will include XLR Male jacks, TRS jacks, Output Transformers, Balanced Line Drivers, Sends, Auxilliary Outputs, etc.

FAB3110 – Output Transformer Module

FAB3000 Output Modules
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The FAB3110 – Output Transformer Module is designed for PCB mounting of typical output transformers like the Cinemag CMOQ-2S and compatibles. These type of transformers are commonly used in “API-type/style” preamps.

You typically connect the FAB3110 Output Transformer Module after your amplifying module (FAB4000 series modules). That way, your processed/amplified signal chain will go first through the output transformer.

A FAB3010 XLR Ouput Module could then be connected after the FAB3110 Output Transformer Module.

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