FAB5000 Signal Processing

All modules related to signal processing, this includes but is not limited to Equalization, compression, reverb, delay, filtering, etc.

Mic Preamplifier built using FAB Modules

I did a quick test just to see if all the FAB Modules work and play well together.  I’m very pleased with the results…. The modules were quiet, and even with a long signal chain as you can see in the picture, there was hardly any noise I could hear.  (For testing, I hooked up a condenser microphone and connected the outputs to a KRK RP8 8″ Monitors. No humming, no RF noise, nothing.)

Everything works… the logic control Phantom Power, -20dB Pad, Polarity Reverse, and the +6dB Boost (1:2 Transformer Ratio).  To get the FAB4312 Non-Inverting Amplifier working, I hooked up a small 10K potentiometer so I can adjust gain.  For now, I just used a jumper and connected the Phantom Power Logic control inputs directly to a spare V+ terminal on the FAB1215 PSU module.

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