How to make your own cable – 10pin Female-to-Female Ribbon Cable

We now sell a 6″ long Female-to-Female Ribbon Cable for use with FABModules. Click here to BUY a ready-made cable.

This 10-pin ribbon cable is required to connect the Power Supply FAB1215 to your FAB Module setup. If you’re using a FAB-to-Cable crossover adapter (FAB9001), you’ll also need this cable.

Step 1:  Cut your cable 7.5″ long.  Position cable as shown below, then crimp the connector. You can use an adjustable jaw pliers. I suggest wrapping the plastic connectors with cloth/rag to protect it before using the pliers.


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FAB Modules PinOut Diagram

FAB Modules, FABModules PINOUT
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All FABModules connect to each other via standard 0.1″ pitch Male/Female headers.

INPUTS will be Female 2×5, 0.1″ pitch headers.

OUTPUTS will be Male 2×5, 0.1″ pitch headers.

The 2×5 Header pin outs are as follows. Note the location of the “notch”.  The headers will be inserted/soldered on the edge of the PCB with all ODD-Numbered Pins on the top copper side, and all EVEN-Numbered Pins on the bottom copper side. See diagram below.


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