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Welcome to our new website, —  brought to you by the same folks at FiveFish Audio!

What are FABModules?

FABModules (or FABs for short) are “FiveFish Audio Building Blocks.”  They are basically little electronic “widgets” that you can combine (like Lego blocks, or Erector sets)  in different ways to create your own audio signal processing unit.  Just like “Lego blocks”, they connect with one another easily, and lets you recreate proven designs (like preamps, equalizers, compressors, etc.) or build, invent or design-your-own thingamajig.

For example: Maybe you’ve dreamed of a preamp with parallel optical and VCA compressors, or  maybe you’re wondering what a preamp with a certain combination of Input Transformer, Amplifying unit and Output Transformer will sound like?

Or maybe you just want a simple gadget that will do one thing well or maybe you’re already racking or DIY’ing your own gear and just need a certain “module” to finish your project.

With FABModules, you can!

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