FABModules update – Week of Mar. 24, 2013

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We completed short-circuit testing of our FAB1248 (12V to 48V Converter Module) and it passed. Even with an accidental short-circuit, you won’t fry the module.

Did some minor PCB edits to our FAB2010 and FAB3010 Modules… added extra pads to assist users who want to use these XLR Input and Output Modules in their own projects without the need for ribbon connectors, or breakout boards.

Also did some minor PCB edits to our FAB1215 Module, moving (2) bypass capacitors to the bottom of the board for a cleaner look.

And lastly, the online store is coming very soon. I decided to try a different shopping cart solution. Previously, I was set on using PrestaShop but the slow performance of this server made me think twice about it, and I was planning on using BigCommerce.com instead.  Then, my FABModules.com website went down hard for about (2) days and it seems there was indeed something wrong with the server/hard disk causing the poor performance. I’m glad my webhost finally fixed the problem (after an extended downtime) and now this site is faster.  I installed OpenCart and performance was very good, and I also find OpenCart much easier to administer and customize vs. PrestaShop.  So for now, I’m going to host the shopping cart locally instead of using BigCommerce.com.  That should save me some money too!

FAB3000 Series Wiki Documentation Update

FAB3000 Output Modules, Updates
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FAB3000 Output Modules All modules related to the Output Section. These will include XLR Male jacks, TRS jacks, Output Transformers, Balanced Line Drivers, Sends, Auxilliary Outputs, etc

  • FAB3010 – XLR Output Module
  • FAB3110 – Output Transformer Module
  • FAB3130 – Edcor Output Transformer, PC Series Module

FAB2000 Series Wiki Documentation Update

FAB Modules, FAB2000 Input Modules, Updates
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Updated the Wiki Documentation page for our FAB2000 Series Modules.

All FABModules related to the Input Section. These will include XLR Female jacks, TRS jacks, Input Transformers, Balanced Line Receivers, Mic Input Modules, Returns, DI (High-Z) inputs, etc

FABModules update – Week of March 2, 2013

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This week, we received the following prototype boards:

FAB1215 – Power Supply Module
FAB9001 – Cable to FAB Adapter
FAB3110 –  Output Transformer Module (for Cinemag, EA, Crimson Audio)
FAB4312 – Non-Inverting Amplifier Module (with discrete opamp option)
DC-1248 Rev.B – 12Volts to 48Volts DC-DC converter
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FABModules update – Week of Feb. 18, 2013

Promotion, Updates
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A lot happened last week as our prototype PCBs began arriving.  We populated the prototype boards and verified them to be working electrically. Some boards will need a Revision B redesign for some mechanical clearances before mass production.

The following boards were tested last week, and I’m happy with the results.
FAB2010 XLR Input Module
FAB2110 Input Transformer Module

We also got to see our first “mating session!” When we hooked up the FAB2010 and FAB2110 together.  This is the first-time I’ve seen my module concept in reality and this got me excited about the future possibilities.

Will try to get one new FAB board designed this week.


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