I’ve successfully setup a Wiki for the FABModules website.  It can be found by going to FABModules.com/docs.

The Wiki will be used to store all documentation, tips, techniques, application notes, schematics, diagrams, photos, PDF and Zip files for all FABs.

I’ve decided on using a Wiki instead of the WordPress database for easier maintenance, and more flexibility. It’s also much faster vs. WordPress since all the files are stored as “flat files” in PmWiki, the PHP-based software platform I’m using.

I’m going to try to build the “skeleton” and “framework” for the Wiki page, and populate it with preliminary information. Then I’ll open the wiki to the public so they can add their own stuff and content as we continue to grow.

All Edit access to the Wiki will be “password-protected” but the password will be publicly provided on the Wiki welcome page. I did this to minimize the wiki being spammed by robots, if I just simply provided open access. My thinking is people who are interested will be reading the Welcome page and find the password they need to edit pages.