Our next board up for prorotyping is our FAB1215 Module. This is a Power Supply Module, which accepts a 12V DC input, and provides a +15V, -15V, and +48V output voltages to power your project.

The +15V and -15V will be provided by a DC-DC converter, which can provide up to 190mA per voltage rail.  The 48Volts will be provided by a FiveFish Audio DC-1248 module (12V to 48V) which can provide up to 30mA (UPDATE: Received the DC-1248 prototype boards and testing shows) 60mA maximum @ 48Volts.

The DC-1248 module is a 1.1″ x 1.1″ DC-DC Converter plugin board with (4) gold-plated MillMax pins. There are also corresponding (4) MillMax sockets on the FAB1215 module, that will accept the DC-1248 module.

NOTE: I will be designing other kinds of FAB Power Supplies in the near future, for example, we’ll need a 12Volts to +24Volts (for those wanting to make Neve-type preamps), and a 12Volts to +/-5V FAB modules for those needing to power Digital Preamps on a Chip like PGAxxxx series. I’ll also be providing an AC-to-DC power supplies, for those needing higher power capacity (1.5Amps or more) and don’t want to use DC-DC switching converters.

For the FAB1215, I recommend using a 12VDC source (wall wart) capable of delivering 1Amp or more. These can be bought cheaply from eBay or your favorite electronic store.



Update: Feb 11, 2013: A new FAB1215 PSU Module Rev.B design has been created, adding a 0.1uf ceramic and 47uf electrolytic to the output terminals of the DC-1248. This further reduced ripple from 280mV down to 128mV. Output voltage is 47.7 Volts, fully loaded drawing 57mA. Efficiency is 76%.