The first FAB Module that will be available is a FAB2010, an XLR Input Module.

The FAB2010 has the following features:

  • PCB Mounted Neutrik XLR Female Jack
  • RFI Protection
  • Soft-Start 48Volt, Phantom Power
  • -20dB Pad
  • Logic Level (+5V) Pad and Phantom Power Control
  • Using a mixed of SMD (Surface Mount Devices) and TH (Through-Hole) components

Here’s a screenshot of the current prototype design. I hope to get this PCB design sent out for fabrication this week so I can start testing. After a successful test, I’ll provide the schematics and some application notes on this website. You will also be able to purchase PCBs if you’re adventurous to DIY assemble them (it’s easy!) or you can also purchase ready-made FAB2010 modules from our online store* (Pricing TBA).

*Online store not yet operational, I hope to get started on that soon. In the meantime, you can email me if you want to purchase the boards or ready-made modules.


NOTE: There is an extra 2-pin header, located on the lower right corner (see photo above).

Pin 1 = Phantom Power Logic Level Control  (square pad)
Pin 2 = -20dB Pad Logic Level Control

All you need to do to activate either the Phantom Power or the -20dB Pad in this XLR Input Module is apply a voltage (at least +5Volts) to the above (2) pins.  These control signals may come from a physical switch (latching type, Normally Open), or from a Digital Logic Circuit, or Microprocessor.  If you’ll be using a Microprocessor or Logic Circuit, just send a “High” signal to these two pins to activate Phantom Power and -20dB Pad switching.