Received our FAB2110 Input Transformer Module. Looks good.  No corrections needed, it’s just a very simple PCB. You can use a Jensen, Cinemag, Altran, EA Input Transformer for this PCB.

So let’s say you have a few of these FAB 2110 boards, you can solder a different kind of Input Transformer on each FAB board, and you’ll be able to swap them in and out in your circuit, and compare the sound flavors of each other.



There is a space for a loading resistor, connected to the Input Transformer’s secondary. You can put the appropriate value resistor for this location… or experiment with “loading” to see which sounds best to your ears.

You’ll also notice a 10-pin connector on the board (upper left corner). This is for connecting a 10-pin ribbon cable to the FAB1215 Power Supply Module, to power your circuit.

Power Input Header Pin Assignments:


How to use:

You’d typically connect your FAB2110 Input Transformer Module after the FAB2010 XLR Input Module. The power connector on the FAB2110 will then supply the necessary V+ and 48volt power to the FAB2010 XLR Input Module for proper operation of the pad relays, and phantom power.