This is similar to our FAB2110 Input Transformer Module… but instead of using a CAN type transformer, we’re using a Carnhill/UK Input Transformer, (model VTB-9045) typically used in Neve preamps.

The VTB-9045 Carnhill Transformer is a Low Level Audio Signal Transformer, with a turns ratio of 1+1:2+2.  DC Coil resistance is 24+24:130+130 ohms.

To mount the Carnhill transformer horizontally on this FAB board, a separate Carnhill PCB Adapter is also required.  Both boards will be provided when you purchase this FAB board.



There is a 10-pin header on the FAB2120 board so you can supply V+, V-, and +48V power to your project.

Locations for a load resistor, and capacitor is also provided on the board if you want to solder these parts in. Typically, the load resistor may improve/reduce any square wave overshoots.

FAB2120-Profile FAB2120-Side FAB2120-Rear FAB2120-Back


Pinout diagram for the Carnhill VTB-9045 Mic Input Transformer