FAB2306 is our Line-Level Balanced Receiver. The FAB2306 uses a THAT 1206-series InGenius balance line receiver chip.  The THAT 1206 uses bootstrapping to raise it’s common-mode input impedance into the meg-ohm range without the noise penalty of using high value resistors. They behave like transformers, able to maintain high CMRR over a wide range of source impedance imbalances, even when fed with an unbalanced signal. But unlike traditional transformers, they offer DC-coupling, low distortion and transparent sound.

The FAB2306 Line Input Module allows you to create gear that works with line-level balanced signals.  There is no need for 48V phantom power, or -20dB padding for this module unlike the FAB2010 Mic Input Module.



3D Rendering of FAB2306 Line Input Module.