This is our FAB3130 module for the Edcor PC Series output transformers. These output transformers are inexpensive, but I find they have a flavorful sound. The PC Series though has a limited headroom and saturates early… maybe that’s the reason for the flavored sound?  I find that these Edcor transformers add thickness and body to the sound. You’ll definitely notice it. Inexpensive, but effective!

Just like our FAB3110 Module, there is a Logic Level control input so you can select either 1:1, or 1:2 ratio with the output transformer.

UPDATE: Made a Rev.B FAB3130 board, increasing the size of the PCB to match the dimensions of our FAB3110 Output Transformer Module (for Cinemag, Crimson Audio). Tonight, I sent the boards out  to the PCB manufacturer… we should get our finished prototype boards sometime next week.