Received our FAB6010 PCB prototype. Yes, it’s green soldermask, not the purple ones you usually see in my other FAB modules prototype. But the final color will be RED to go with our FAB color scheme.



I populated one of the boards I received. Since I do not have a Reverse Log Bourns Potentiometer, I just used a Linear 10K pot for this prototype. This means, the controls are “reversed.” When the pot is turned fully clockwise, it’s the MINIMUM setting, and when it’s turned fully counter-clockwise, it’s the MAXIMUM setting.


There are (4) LED-lighted pushbuttons on the board. Resistor values of 3K3 work well with the Green and Blue LED switches, but makes the Yellow LED too bright. I’ll need to replace the resistor with 10K for the Yellow LED to make all the lamps even in brightness.

fab6010front fab6010rear

Also notice the input header is the lower connector, and the output header is the upper connector. fab6010top

Notice there’s also a 10-pin male header on the board. This is for conveniently connecting power supply to your FAB project.