We should be getting the first sets of FAB Modules prototypes sometime by the end of this week, or early next.

Once I received the FAB Modules PCB, I’ll start populating them with parts, soldering and testing them.  I’ll try to take detailed photos of the different FABs and it’s step-by-step assembly.  Maybe there’s also a blog article there or two, on tools of the trade, DIY tips and application ideas…. if I have time this week, I’ll add more content to the site.

There’s still a lot of work to be done… like documentation, gathering the Bill of Materials, procuring parts, and writing the Application Notes, and more testing. Sometimes it seems overwhelming but I have no doubt we’ll somehow get through all this work.

Anyways, I’m very excited and looking forward to what you guys can come up with and build with these FAB Modules.

For the week of Feb. 3, I hope to finish PCB designs for the following FABs (in no particular order):

  • FAB2306 – Line Level, Differential Balanced Receiver with SOIC-8, and PDIP8 accommodations
  • FAB3120 – Output Transformer Module, using Carnhill Low-Profile Output Transformers
  • FAB3130 – Output Transformer Module, using Edcor PC Mount Matching Transformers
  • FAB3346 – Line Level, Differential Balanced Driver with SOIC-8, and PDIP8 accommodations
  • FAB4010 – Mic Preamp Module, SOIC8 and PDIP8 format.
  • FAB4312 – Non-inverting Amplifier State, with Discrete OpAmp Sockets  (Finished: 2/5/13)
  • FAB9090 – PDIP8 to Discrete OpAmp Adapter , with transistor booster driver (for use with FAB4020 Modules)
  • FAB6010 – User Interface Module, Potentiometer, and switches

This may seem like a long list but I think it’s doable since I have all the designs already proven, working and in use in actual commercial products.  I just need to dissect them and package them into the different FAB Modules.

I still have not actively promoted this website. I feel like there’s nothing yet to promote… i.e. I still have not received the PCB prototypes.  I got the FABModules facebook page setup and populated with a few blog postings and photos.  Google search is finally indexing our pages and I think we’re getting good pageranking already and I know this will just grow more stronger in the upcoming future.

If you happen to find this page by accident, please bookmark us and keep returning for more updates. Don’t forget to spread word about FABModules to your DIYer friends also! I need all the support and help I can get. Thanks!

Until then…. Be FABulous!