This week, we received the following prototype boards:

FAB1215 – Power Supply Module
FAB9001 – Cable to FAB Adapter
FAB3110 –  Output Transformer Module (for Cinemag, EA, Crimson Audio)
FAB4312 – Non-Inverting Amplifier Module (with discrete opamp option)
DC-1248 Rev.B – 12Volts to 48Volts DC-DC converter

Tested the FAB1215 PSU module and DC-1248 module together. Also tested noise performance of the DC-1248, using it to power a real condenser microphone.

A prototype board was also assembled of our FAB9001 and FAB3110 Module. — Haven’t tested them yet.

For next week, I plan on starting designing a switch/potentiometer module.  This board will contain (3) or (4) switches, and a potentiometer. The switches will be used to control phantom power, pad, polarity reverse and output transformer ratio, while the potentiometer will be used to control gain of the FAB4312 Module.