We now sell a 6″ long Female-to-Female Ribbon Cable for use with FABModules. Click here to BUY a ready-made cable.

This 10-pin ribbon cable is required to connect the Power Supply FAB1215 to your FAB Module setup. If you’re using a FAB-to-Cable crossover adapter (FAB9001), you’ll also need this cable.

Step 1:  Cut your cable 7.5″ long.  Position cable as shown below, then crimp the connector. You can use an adjustable jaw pliers. I suggest wrapping the plastic connectors with cloth/rag to protect it before using the pliers.


Step 2: Ben the cable backwards and insert strain relief. Press the strain relief down until it locks into place.


Step 3: Now we need to take care of the other end.  Both ends have Female connectors.  Note the orientation of the cable and connectors.

The BROWN wire (pin1) needs to be oriented properly with the second Female connector. There is a small “triangle” emboss on the Female connector marking where pin 1 is.






Step 4: Insert lock to secure the cable in place.


Step 5: Bend cable backwards and insert strain relief until it locks into place.


Voila! Your finished cable!