To remove the Resistance Value Marking on R-Chip sizes 0603/0805/1206 for the purposes of reducing unnecessary chemical usages for environmental protections. To identify the product resistance value each single reel is labeled with all relevant data and will continue serving the purposes. As for the product, performance, features, specifications, manufacturing process and location remain the same. So, the elimination of the marking on top of the product itself has no impact on the product functionality and reliability and customer can use it for all current and future applications as already done.

Yageo has provided no resistance marking on R Chip 0402/0201/01005 and on the entire MLCC family ever since. Given Yageo has been devoted to being eco-friendly, we decide to eliminate the marking on the R Chip of the sizes of 0603, 0805 and 1206 as soon as possible. There will be a short period of time that both types of the products, with marking and without marking, co exist while we are changing the production lines one by one. We highly appreciate your understanding that we may ship the products in parallel for some time. Yageo commits that we will make full efforts to shorten the overlapping period as much as we can.

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