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Multiple Discounts @ Online Store

Category: Promotion

I’ve implemented multiple quantity discount when you place your order for our different items/FAB Modules.

So in summary, you can save a lot by taking advantage of the following:
1. Buying multiple items
2. Earning Reward Points (when you buy items) and redeeming them during your next checkout for $$$ savings
3. Using Discount Coupons

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Use Coupons @ Online Store

Category: Promotion
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Today, I got the “coupon” feature working on the FABModules Online Store.  We’ll have varying amounts for the coupons… either a fixed percentage, or a fixed dollar amount applied to your total order. How sweet is that!

These coupons will be posted on Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc….  just grab the coupon and visit our site for instant savings! As you can see from the screenshot, use of Reward Points and FAB Coupons could bring big savings.

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Earn Reward Points @ Online Store

Category: Promotion

I’ll be using OpenCart for the upcoming FABModules Online Store and I’m thinking of trying this Reward Points system to well, reward  my faithful customers!

Basically, you earn Reward Points for every item you buy from the online store. These points accumulate in your User Account (you must be a registered user and not use the Guest Checkout). You can use these earned points as real money “credit” on your next order.

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FABModules update – Week of Mar. 24, 2013

Category: Updates

We completed short-circuit testing of our FAB1248 (12V to 48V Converter Module) and it passed. Even with an accidental short-circuit, you won’t fry the module.

Did some minor PCB edits to our FAB2010 and FAB3010 Modules… added extra pads to assist users who want to use these XLR Input and Output Modules in their own projects without the need for ribbon connectors, or breakout boards.

Also did some minor PCB edits to our FAB1215 Module, moving (2) bypass capacitors to the bottom of the board for a cleaner look.

And lastly, the online store is coming very soon. I decided to try a different shopping cart solution. Previously, I was set on using PrestaShop but the slow performance of this server made me think twice about it, and I was planning on using instead.  Then, my website went down hard for about (2) days and it seems there was indeed something wrong with the server/hard disk causing the poor performance. I’m glad my webhost finally fixed the problem (after an extended downtime) and now this site is faster.  I installed OpenCart and performance was very good, and I also find OpenCart much easier to administer and customize vs. PrestaShop.  So for now, I’m going to host the shopping cart locally instead of using  That should save me some money too!

How to mount SMD parts to bottom of PCB (using Eagle CAD)

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I’d like to share this trick. If you’re new to Eagle, placing SMD parts on your bottom copper layer seems to be a mystery.But it’s real easy and I’ll show you.

In this example, we want to put C6 and C6 (both 0.1uf capacitor) to the bottom of the PCB. As you can see, the solder pads on C5 and C6 are colored “red”, which means they’re still on the top (default) layer.

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