Here’s one of the simplest way to use our FABModules….  Hook up the following FABs together:

FAB2010 – XLR Input Module
FAB2110 – Input Transformer Module
FAB3010 – XLR Output Module

All that’s missing is Power, if you want to enable the -20dB Pad, Phantom Power and Polarity Reverse functions. Otherwise, it will still work without power applied. After all, it’s just an input transformer inserted in your signal chain.



Application Notes

Audio Input Transformers add “flavor” to the sound. They can beef up the low end, or smoothen the high frequency response.  If you want to build a “flavoring” tool in a small box, the above configuration is  all that you need.  As an added bonus, you can have switches to control signal padding (-20dB Pad), and  Polarity Reverse. If you’ll  be connecting a condenser mic, you can also supply 48Volts phantom power to your connected mic straight from your FAB Modules. This little utility will come in handy in many situations.

If you have multiple Input Transformers from different manufacturers, the above setup makes it easy to swap Input Transformers so you can play with them, and hear which one you prefer for a particular sound source. You may decide you want to use Jensen Input Transformer for the vocal mic, and use a Cinemag Input Transformer for your Snare mic. The possibilities are endless.