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FAB6010 – Potentiometer/Switch Module

FAB6000 User Input Modules
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The FAB6010 is a double-wide module that incorporates (4) LED-lighted Push-Button switches, and pads for mounting a potentiometer. The potentiometer’s PCB footprint is for a Bourns 91 series, conductive plastic potentiometer, but you’re free to use any type of potentiometer that you want, just wire them with flying leads.

The (4) Push-Button switches are wired to automatically lit-up when you depress the switch. In addition, there are (4) output Logic control headers, each corresponding to it’s own switch control.  You’d wire these terminals to the Logic-controlled relays on your FAB Modules (for example: Phantom power, Polarity Reverse, Pad, etc…)

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