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FAB2110 Prototype PCB

Received our FAB2110 Input Transformer Module. Looks good.  No corrections needed, it’s just a very simple PCB. You can use a Jensen, Cinemag, Altran, EA Input Transformer for this PCB.

So let’s say you have a few of these FAB 2110 boards, you can solder a different kind of Input Transformer on each FAB board, and you’ll be able to swap them in and out in your circuit, and compare the sound flavors of each other.

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FAB2120 – Input Transformer Module (Carnhill Edition)

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This is another Input Transformer Module, designed for use with Carnhill/UK transformers.

Just like the FAB2110 Input Transformer Module (CAN Transformer), this also features a Power Input Headers to connect V+, V- and 48Volts to our Power Supply Module.

A separate Carnhill PCB Adapter is required to mount the transformer on the board.

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FAB2110 – Input Transformer Module

Introducing – our FAB2110 Module.  This is basically our Input Transformer Module.

This FAB module will accept CAN type transformers like Jensen, Cinemag, Altran Input Transformers with it’s typical (8) pins.  CAN Transformer dimensions are 1.13″ diameter (28.7mm) with 0.15″ pitch pins.

FAB2110 Input Transformer Modules are designed to mate with our FAB2010 XLR Input Modules.  This allows you to create a complete Transformer-based Input Stage for that Mic Preamp or gear you’re building.

The FAB2010 XLR Input Modules require power (V+, 48V) for proper operation of it’s relays (controlling the -20dB Pad and Phantom Powering) and 48Volts Phantom Power. These power requirements cam be supplied via the POWER INPUT headers of the FAB2110 Input Transformer Module.  You can use a 2×5 (10-pin) Ribbon Cable to connect this POWER INPUT header to our FAB Power Supply*. Continue Reading…

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