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FAB3110 – Output Transformer Module Prototype

Here’s a photo of a fully assembled FAB3110 Output Transformer Module.

You can use any API-type output transformer on this module. Shown here is an EA transformer, but you can also use transformers from Cinemag, Crimson Audio, etc…

There is a Logic control on the FAB module, allowing you to switch your transformer ratio from 1:1 to 1:2 (+6dB gain). Just apply any +3.3V, +5V or V+ voltage on this logic pin.

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Sample FAB Setup – Power supply and other stuff







Here are some photos showing the FAB1215 Power Supply Module powering some FAB modules via a ribbon cable.

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Passing your Audio Signal through an Input Transformer

Here’s one of the simplest way to use our FABModules….  Hook up the following FABs together:

FAB2010 – XLR Input Module
FAB2110 – Input Transformer Module
FAB3010 – XLR Output Module

All that’s missing is Power, if you want to enable the -20dB Pad, Phantom Power and Polarity Reverse functions. Otherwise, it will still work without power applied. After all, it’s just an input transformer inserted in your signal chain.

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FAB2110 Input Transformer Module – Prototype with parts

Populated our FAB2110 Input Transformer Module with parts.  Here are some photos showing a Jensen JT-11K8-APC Input Transformer mounted on it.

The board looks good, but I’d probably add another mounting hole on the lower right corner, just because the board is a little unstable with a heavy transformer mounted on it.

I’ll build another prototype using a different Input Transformer, like an Altran or EA brand.

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FAB2110 Prototype PCB

Received our FAB2110 Input Transformer Module. Looks good.  No corrections needed, it’s just a very simple PCB. You can use a Jensen, Cinemag, Altran, EA Input Transformer for this PCB.

So let’s say you have a few of these FAB 2110 boards, you can solder a different kind of Input Transformer on each FAB board, and you’ll be able to swap them in and out in your circuit, and compare the sound flavors of each other.

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