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Bitmaps in PCB Design

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Bitmaps in PCB silkscreen? Who would have thunk this is possible?!!! After working in Eagle for several years now (I started back in 2007), I just learned about this capability today.

Before, I would painstakingly trace and use polygons to recreate an image or logo… and even then, the results were marginally satisfactory. It also took a lot of time and trial and error to make it look right.

Today I learned the secret is running the ULP script “Import-BMP”. In a few seconds you’re done!

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FAB Modules PCB

FAB Modules
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Our FABModules will come in a variety of standard sizes. They’re designed to minimize user-error when plugging the modules to each other by having the boards keyed, i.e. you can’t insert them  the wrong way.

Most FABs will have  the standard 2×5, 0.1″ pitch, Input and Output header connections. These connectors transfer all signal and voltages throughout your signal chain.

Some FABs will only have Output headers, or only Input headers… depending on the functionality.

For example, an XLR Input FAB Module will only have Output headers and no Input headers.  While an XLR Output FAB Module will only have an Input header, without an Output header.

In a few special cases, some FABs won’t have either the standard 2×5 Input or Output header. A few cases I can think of will be Switch modules, or Gain Selector modules.  In these special cases, there will be headers designed to connect these modules to other modules via jumper wires.



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